Event Programme and Timetables

Whistle-stop plot tours

Guided tours of plots will run at 9.15am and 1pm. There are a total of 32 plots this year - 20 agronomy and 12 breeding. The groupings for the guided tours will be:

Tour 1 Tour 2 Tour 3 Tour 4 Tour 5 Tour 6
Emerald Research Ltd Bayer CropScience 1 Sirius Minerals 1 Agrii 1 Branston Ltd Cygnet PB Ltd
FMC Agro Ltd 1 Bayer Crop Science 2 Sirius Minerals 2 Agrii 2 Stet Potato Ltd James Hutton Ltd
FMC Agro Ltd 2 Belchim Crop Protection Kings Agrii 3 Caithness Potatoes Ltd James Hutton Institute/AHDB
Agrovista UK Ltd 1 Alltech Crop Science ICL Fertilisers Lallemand Plant Care GPS Potato Breeders IPM Potato Group
Agrovista UK Ltd 2 UPL Europe Ltd 1 The Glenside Group   Meijer Seed Potato Ltd Greenvale AP Ltd
  UPL Europe Ltd 2     Agrico UK Ltd Solana Seeds UK Ltd


Seminar Sessions


There are three seminar sessions this year running at 10.20am, 11.45am and 2.45pm in the Seminars Marquee located near the main marquee.

  • Session 1 Losing Our Chemistry
  • Session 2 Potato Markets: The Ins and Outs
  • Session 3 Potato Health

Chairs, speakers and topics will be announced here shortly.

Live machinery demonstrations

These sessions, delivered by ScanStone and Grimme UK Ltd will run at 11.10am and 2.10pm.

ScanStone will demonstrate a harvester and windrower and Grimme will run a KS600 3 bed topper.

Pulverisation Workshop 4.30pm to 6pm

This year, in light of chemical loss and the need to consider alternative methods of haulm destruction, Russell Whiteford, Belchim Crop Protection will deliver a workshop focussing on pulverisation as a greener method of haulm destruction. We'll discuss the pros and cons of pulverisation v desiccation, not just the financial impact on growers, agronomists and chemical companies but also the effects on the environment, the average farming calendar and limited resources such as specialist machinery.

Seminar session chairs will provide a short summary of the technical and research seminars and we'll finish the event with a hog roast and refreshments courtesy of AHDB.

We're organising this extra event to benefit anyone who won't be able to come for the whole day and for exhibitors who have worked hard staffing stands and plots. We hope that you will join us for this event and we invite all exhibitors to stay and take part.